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REUTERS | Khaled Yacoub Oweis | June 29, 2011

Syrian troops shot dead 11 villagers on Wednesday, residents said, as authorities pressed on with a tank-led assault that has driven thousands of refugees across the northwest border with Turkey.


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April 02, 2011
Iraq’s death toll during the month of March is estimated at 247 killed including 136 civilians while 370 others were wounded including 215 civilians.

56 soldiers were killed and 75 others were wounded while 55 policemen were killed and 80 others were wounded, according to the figures of Iraqi Health, Defense and Interior Ministries.

72 terrorists were killed and 209 others were arrested during the month of March, Iraqi ministries sources told Alsumaria.

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March 24, 2011

KABUL, Afghanistan, March 24 (UPI) — NATO said Thursday it will investigate a police claim a NATO helicopter gunship targeting terrorists killed a child in the eastern Afghan Khost province.

Coalition forces opened fire from the attack helicopter on a car carrying a group of suspected Haqqani network terrorists Wednesday but accidentally hit another vehicle, killing the child, Khost Police Chief Abdul Hakim Esahaqaai told reporters. (more…)

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By: Chris Rogers

March 24, 2011

Last week, U.S. drones reportedly struck a gathering of tribal elders in northern Pakistan, killing a significant number of civilians and sparking local outrage as well as rare denunciations from Pakistan’s political and military leadership. The U.S. provided no official explanation for allegedly killing innocent civilians at a legitimate community meeting; instead, an anonymous official said simply: “These people weren’t gathering for a bake sale.” (more…)

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Witnesses back leaked UN reports detailing claims of rape and murder against feared Tajik warlord

By Julius Cavendish

Friday, 18 March 2011

An Afghan warlord backed by US special forces faces persistent allegations that he launched a two-year spate of violence involving burglary, rape and murder of civilians, desecration of mosques and mutilation of corpses. Yet, despite repeated warnings about the atrocities Commander Azizullah is alleged to have committed, he has remained on the payroll of the US military as an “Afghan security guard”, a select band of mercenaries described by some as “the most effective fighting formation in Afghanistan”. (more…)

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