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AFP|September 13 2011

RAMADI, Iraq — Gunmen killed 22 passengers on a bus coming from Syria late Monday in a desert region of Iraq’s western province of Anbar, police general Haider Rzayj told AFP.

“Some armed men stopped the bus coming from Syria Monday around 9:30 pm (1830 GMT), they made the 22 passengers get off the bus and killed them with automatic weapons,” he said.

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AP|Riaz Kahn|September 13 2011

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Taliban gunmen attacked a school van in northwestern Pakistan on Tuesday, killing four children and the driver in an assault they said was carried out to punish local tribesman for resisting the insurgent movement.

At least 14 other children and two female teachers were wounded in the attack in Matani on the outskirts of the main northwestern city of Peshawar, said police officer Ejaz Khan.

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BEIRUT (AP) — A barrage of gunfire by security forces that left residents cowering in their homes killed at least nine people and wounded several others Wednesday in Homs, a hotbed of opposition to President Bashar Assad’s autocratic regime, activists and residents said. Two others were shot dead during raids in Sarameen, in northern Syria.

In a step the opposition says shows the regime is intractable, a planned visit by the Arab League secretary general Wednesday to push Assad to make major concessions to defuse the 6-month-old crisis was called off at the last minute at the government’s request.


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BBC | July 19, 2011


Security forces have opened fire at a funeral procession in the volatile Syrian city of Homs killing 10 people,
activists say.


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ReliefWeb, By Rana Moussaoui

17 May, 2011

WADI KHALED, Lebanon — Hundreds of Syrians fleeing a deadly crackdown on two-month-old protests are pouring into Lebanon, some saying they had to wade through rivers and find new routes to avoid gunfire.

“Anyone crossing those rivers is risking their life,” said Tarek, a labourer who arrived in Lebanon late on Sunday, when close to 1,000 Syrians crossed the border. (more…)

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Euronews, May 4, 2011

As Syria intensifies its clampdown on anti-government protesters, international pressure on the regime is being stepped up.

It comes as new amateur video, the authenticity of which cannot be verified, purports to show mass arrests in Deraa.

The US has described Syria’s reported tactics – using tanks and arbitrary arrests – as “barbaric measures” against “innocent civilians”. France has called on the EU to impose sanctions on Syrian leaders. (more…)

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By Joseph Krauss

April 6, 2011

NEAR BREGA, (AFP) – Rebel soldiers erected a checkpoint at the gate of the eastern Libyan town of Ajdabiya on Wednesday to prevent a convoy of eager but mostly unarmed civilians from reaching the front.

The soldiers, defectors from Moamer Kadhafi’s army, said they had orders to impose discipline on the hastily-assembled rebel forces a day after they were driven several kilometres (miles) back by loyalist artillery.

“We are stopping the youth who show up with guns,” said Sherif Mohammed, as he pulled a dented metal barricade across the road. “What are they going to do against shelling?” (more…)

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