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AP | Abdi Guled and Katherine Houreld| August 5, 2011


Somali government troops opened fire Friday on hungry civilians, killing at least seven people, as both groups made a grab for food at a U.N. distribution site in the capital of this famine-stricken country, witnesses said.



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Reuters | Mohammed Mukhashaf | June 13, 2011

ADEN – More than 15,000 people fleeing fighting between the army and Islamist gunmen in Yemen’s Abyan province have turned schools in Yemen’s southern port city into makeshift refugee camps.

Refugees complained that authorities have not provided them with enough medicine, clothing and blankets.

They sleep 20 and 30 to a classroom, eat what a local charity brings to the school — beans with bread, rice with fish or meat — and await clothes to replace what they left behind.


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Yemen Times | June 9, 2011

Two refugees are among those killed in recent clashes in Yemen that have displaced thousands of Yemenis and refugees alike. The UN refugee agency has expressed alarm at the deteriorating situation, which is affecting its ability to help these vulnerable groups.

“In Al-Hasaba, north of [Yemen’s capital] Sana’a city, two Somali refugees were killed in the fighting last week,” said UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards at a news briefing in Geneva on Friday. “They were a 14-year-old boy and a young woman who had fled the violence in Somalia to seek refuge in Yemen.”


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Reuters, By George Fominyen

27 April 2011

DAKAR (AlertNet) – Tens of thousands of African migrants fleeing from the conflict in Libya into northern Niger and Chad need urgent help but there is no infrastructure to manage the influx into the small border towns, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) says. (more…)

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UN News room

26 April 2011

GENEVA, April 26 (UNHCR) – The number of civilians fleeing to southern Tunisia to escape fighting and shelling in Libya’s Western Mountains within the past month has passed the 30,000 mark. (more…)

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21 April, 2011

KABUL, 21 April 2011 (IRIN) – One irony of the current security situation in Afghanistan is that foreign forces, whose ostensible aim is to protect civilians while fighting the Taliban, may be responsible – directly or indirectly – for the bulk of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the country, whose number is rising. (more…)

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NAIROBI, 15 April 2011 (IRIN) – A severe drought in and around Somalia’s southern town of Dobley is taking its toll on thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs), some of whom have been displaced several times by fighting.
As a result, lack of water, food and shelter has worsened the condition of an already weak population, according to local sources.

The displaced include hundreds of families who fled the capital, Mogadishu, and had to flee again when Dobley recently became a battle-ground between the Islamist opposition Al-Shabab and a pro-government militia, the Raskambone Group.  (more…)

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