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AP|Abdul Sattar|September 7, 2011

A pair of suicide bombers attacked a top army officer in Pakistan’s southwestern city of Quetta on Wednesday, missing him but killing his wife. At least 22 others died, including several guards, a senior officer and two children, officials said.

Police said they were investigating whether the strike was in revenge for the recent arrests in Quetta of three top al-Qaida suspects, an operation that was assisted by the CIA.

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UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs | 31 May, 2011

This week, Israeli forces injured 13 Palestinians in weekly protests and during search‐and‐arrest operations throughout the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Also this week, 15 members of Israeli forces were injured by stones thrown by Palestinians. Thus far in 2011, 699 Palestinians and 47 Israeli soldiers and policemen were injured in conflict‐related incidents in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, a six per cent increase and 44 per cent decline, respectively, compared to the equivalent period of 2010. (more…)

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By: Peter Singer

April 1, 2011

How many Afghan lives are worth one British life?

We shrink at that question. If forced to answer, some reply: “All human life is of infinite value.” Others cite the Jewish teaching that if you put one human life on one side of a scale, and the rest of the world on the other side, the scale is balanced equally. Most just say that an Afghan life is worth the same as a British life, because all human lives are of equal value. Isn’t that what we all believe?

The Ministry of Defence has been paying compensation to Afghans for accidentally killing their children, their brothers and sisters, or their parents, during the fighting in Afghanistan. Thanks to a freedom of information request from the Guardian, we know how much the MoD has paid families when a member has been killed. Here are some examples: daughter hit by shrapnel from air-strike and later died of injuries, $1,000; mother killed during bombing, $5,000; two brothers and two sons killed by hellfire missile strike, $32,000. The variation in the figures is not explained, but in no case was more than $8,000 (about £5,000), paid for the loss of a single life. (more…)

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By Usman Manzoor
Wednesday, February 02, 2011
ISLAMABAD: The last quarter of 2010 claimed 3648 lives in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India in incidents of anti-state militancy.

Thirteen of them were killed everyday in Pakistan alone in some 282 incidents of violence, according to a report compiled by the Conflict Monitoring Centre (CMC). Over one thousand among these causalities were innocent civilians. (more…)

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Since January 2010, at least 964 civilians have been killed and 2,717 wounded in armed conflicts or in random shootings in residential neighborhoods, as reported by the Society for Threatened Peoples (STP). “While the atrocious attack by Islamic rebels in which members of the Somali parliament were killed kindles outrage around world, the daily suffering of the civilian population in Somalia attracts hardly any attention,” notes Ulrich Delius, head of the Africa section at the STP on Tuesday in Göttingen. “The level of indifference displayed by the international community in the face of systematic violations of international humanitarian law in Somalia is shocking.” (more…)

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