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Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty | Shaheen Buneri | June 28, 2011

MINGORA, Pakistan — The worn-out burqa covering her from head to toe fails to conceal Rekhmina’s sense of loss and uncertainty.
This mother of four has come to the Khpal Kor Foundation, an orphanage located in Swat District’s largest city, Mingora, in the belief that it offers the best chance of keeping her children off the streets.

To gain admission for her three daughters and one son, however, she must answer the very question she has spent months trying to answer herself: “Where is your husband?”

Muhammad Ali, principal of the Khpal Kor Foundation, poses the question. The orphanage, supported by local philanthropists and organizations, has become a lifeline for hundreds of children orphaned or separated from their parents when the Pakistani government launched a massive military operation in Swat Valley in the spring of 2009.

The operation was intended to sweep militants loyal to Pakistani Taliban commander Mullah Fazlullah from the scenic but restive region of northwest Pakistan. But as Ali notes, there were many innocent victims. (more…)

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By CBC News

At least 13 people were killed and dozens injured after a suicide bomber blew himself up Saturday near a security checkpoint in Pakistan’s Swat Valley. (more…)

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By Junaid Khan

MINGORA, Pakistan (Reuters) – A suspected suicide bomber killed six people in an attack on a security forces convoy in a market in the main town of Pakistan’s Swat valley on Monday, police said. (more…)

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ICHRIAN, Pakistan, Aug 22 (Reuters) – As the Muslim month of Ramadan begins, tens of thousands of Pakistanis forced to flee their homes by war against the Taliban will have no choice but to languish in camps or host families over the religious period.

About 2.3 million people were forced from their homes by fighting in the northwest, most after government forces launched an offensive against Taliban militants in Swat in April, creating one of the largest internal displacements in recent times. (more…)

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New York Times


The Pakistan military’s offensive against the Taliban in the Swat Valley has been hailed as a success despite the exodus of some two million men, women and children. Information is sparse because the area is still closed to the outside world, but reports from relief officials are trickling out and they say the dismal plight of the displaced and those returning home threatens to squander gains from disrupting the Taliban.

During the offensive it became clear that the Pakistan government had not planned a coordinated response to the exodus of noncombatants — one of the biggest migrations in recent times. Many displaced people sought shelter among their extended families or among friends. Perhaps 50 percent ended up squatting in schools or staying with strangers. Others sought refuge in the limited number of camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs). Most are living under terribly difficult conditions. (more…)

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