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By Haq Nawaz Khan and Joshua Partlow
Saturday, July 10, 2010; 2:37 AM
Washington Post

PESHAWAR, PAKISTAN — The death toll in a massive suicide bombing climbed to more than 100 victims Saturday, as authorities continued to search mounds of rubble for survivors.

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09 Jul 2010 07:35:25 GMT
Source: Reuters

ISLAMABAD, July 9 (Reuters) – Up to 45 people were killed in a suicide attack outside the office of a senior government official in Pakistan’s northwest on Friday, the official said.

“There were two blasts. The first one was small but the second was a big one. Up to 45 people have been killed,” Rasool Khan, assistant political agent of Mohmand tribal region, told Reuters. (Reporting by Izaz Mohmand; Writing by Zeeshan Haider; Editing by Chris Allbritton and Ron Popeski)


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By BBC News

At least one person has been killed in a suicide bomb attack outside a Nato base in Khost province in south-eastern Afghanistan, police say. (more…)

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By Nasrat Shoaib


KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — A suicide bomb attack in southern Afghanistan Sunday killed four people, shattering a period of calm in a region near the hub of military operations against Taliban insurgents. (more…)

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By Reuters

March 25 (Reuters) – Following are security developments in Iraq at 1545 GMT on Thursday. (more…)

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By BBC News

At least 13 people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in Pakistan’s eastern city of Lahore, police say.

More than 60 others were injured when an explosives-laden car targeted a building housing an anti-terrorist wing of the federal investigative agency. (more…)

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By AFP International

February 24, 2010


Somalia’s hardline Islamist insurgents denied Friday that they carried out a suicide bomb attack in Mogadishu that killed at least 23 people, including three government ministers. (more…)

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