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07 Jul 2010 08:33:16 GMT
Source: Reuters

KABUL, July 7 (Reuters) – Five Afghan government soldiers were accidently killed and two others wounded in a pre-dawn NATO airstrike on Wednesday, prompting condemnation from the country’s government. (more…)

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Gulf News
June 22, 2010
By Ashfaq Ahmed, Chief Reporter

Gulf News is the first newspaper from the Gulf and Middle East region to be given access to this recently secured Bajaur Agency , once considered the hub of Taliban insurgency, in an embedded military tour.

Khar: Nine-year-old Jamil Khan earns about Rs20 (less than Dh1) a day by working at a niswar (tobacco) shop in Khar Bazaar in Bajaur Agency to support his family.

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Source: DAWN Group of Newspapers
Date: 22 Jun 2010

KARACHI: Nine people including two women were killed and several others injured on Tuesday in a fresh wave of killings in Karachi. (more…)

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By Rod Nordland

Source: New York Times

June 19, 2010

KABUL, Afghanistan — Ten civilians, including at least five women and children, were killed in NATO airstrikes in Khost Province, the provincial police chief said Saturday. Five other civilians were killed, as were two Afghan National Army soldiers and two police officials, in other violence around the country on Saturday. (more…)

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Published 17 June, 2010,

It’s been close to 10 years since the United States sent troops into the country of Afghanistan in the “War on Terror.” Nearly a decade later, more than 1,000 Americans have been killed.

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Blast Tears Through Afghan Wedding Celebration


June 9, 2010

New York Times
KABUL, Afghanistan — A huge explosion tore through the wedding celebration of a local man who had joined an anti-Taliban militia in rural Kandahar Province late Wednesday, killing at least 39, according to provincial government officials.

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Wednesday 10 June 2009

This analysis is written by Samina Ahmed, director of the South Asia Program at the International Crisis Group

When President Barack Obama’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan announced an additional $200 million in US assistance for internally displaced persons from Swat, it surely gave some a bit of a political respite for Pakistan’s young civilian government. Faced with three million new domestic refugees as a result of its military action to oust the Taliban from Malakand District, Islamabad could only welcome Richard Holbrooke’s pledge. (more…)

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