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Ravi Velloor | The Straight Times | Moby Media Group | July 3, 2011

IN Uruzgan, central Afghanistan, two days ago, men approached an eight-year-old girl and told her to take a bag to a nearby police contingent. As the child approached a police vehicle, militants standing at a safe distance detonated the bomb in the bag with a remote-controlled device.

The policemen survived, but the girl was blown to bits. Add one more to the Taliban’s latest strategy of using children and women for suicide attacks.

In the swathe of largely ungoverned territory across the Afghanistan-Pakistan borderlands and beyond, the Taliban are resorting to desperate tactics to catch the patrolling army and policemen off-guard, such as fitting children as young as six with explosive vests and sending them up to uniformed men standing at checkpoints or sitting in police vehicles. (more…)

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World News | UPI.com | July 2, 2011

KABUL, Afghanistan  — The deaths of 13 people when a van struck buried bombs Saturday brought the civilian toll from IEDs in Afghanistan to 30 in two days, officials said.

A spokesman for the government in Zabul province said four women and four children were among the casualties, the Los Angeles Times reported. A police official told CNN the dead were travelers on the way to Pakistan.

Both civilian and military casualties have risen recently as the Taliban’s use of improvised explosive devices has gone up, the Times said. In May, as the Taliban began their spring fighting, 368 civilians were killed, the United Nations said, the highest monthly toll in at least five years. (more…)

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Source: World Health Organization

The October 9-15 report from the World Health Organization on Somalia indicates that statistically women children bear the brunt of weapon-caused injuries in conflict in Mogadishu.


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