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Assyrian International News Agency

Iraq to Compensate Victims of Terrorism, Military Operations

Posted GMT 10-4-2009 19:40:57

Baghdad (AINA) — On October 1 the Iraqi Parliament passed a law (Arabic) to compensate victims of military operations and terrorist attacks. The law states that compensation shall be provided for those who are killed or wounded by “military operations”, “military errors” and “terrorist operations.” The law covers death, total or partial disability, injuries that require temporary treatment, property damage and damage affecting work or study.


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KATHMANDU (UCAN)¬†—¬†Family members of those killed and injured in the Assumption Church bomb blast are still hoping for compensation promised by the government, which has been delayed.

Newly elected Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, during a visit to the church immediately after the blast, had promised compensation as soon as he had finalized his Cabinet.

That was delayed by political infighting and now, despite a Cabinet in place, the government is suggesting the victims could face more delays.

Home Ministry spokesperson Nabin Ghimire told UCA News on June 30 that “we are currently formulating a new set of norms regarding compensation in such cases and we will be able to look into all such cases only after the norms are finalized.” (more…)

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