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KABUL, Aug 8 (Reuters) – NATO-led forces are investigating whether they mistakenly killed two civilians in southern Afghanistan, the alliance’s International Security Assistance Force said on Saturday.

Afghan and NATO-led troops fired mortars at an insurgent they believed was observing their operations near an Afghan army base in Uruzgan province on Friday, but one of the mortar rounds fell short, the force said in a statement.

The statement said villagers had reported two civilians killed. ISAF had notified local officials and launched a joint investigation. (more…)

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by BBC News

At least nine civilians have been killed in a roadside bombing in southern Afghanistan, officials say.
The blast in Uruzgan province was apparently intended to target Nato troops but hit a small bus instead. (more…)

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by AFP

KABUL (AFP) — At least 27 Islamic militants were killed in military operations across insurgency-hit Afghanistan, authorities said Thursday, while villagers reported that 10 civilians died in rebel gunfire. (more…)

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