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Georgia is resettling some, but not all, refugees

TEN months ago the fields around Tserovani were empty. Now they are the site of a whole town—complete with bungalows, health clinic, police station, schools and sports fields—for some 6,000 Georgians who fled their homes during last year’s war with Russia.

Much-visited by diplomats and dignitaries, Tserovani, some 20km from Tbilisi, is an impressive sight. Yet it is a far cry from the life of most of those displaced by war in repeated rounds of turbulence since Georgia became independent in 1991.

The areas controlled by the Georgian government host about 30,000 people made homeless by last year’s fighting over South Ossetia. (Others, predominantly ethnic Ossetians, sought refuge within South Ossetia or in Russia.) Of these, about 17,500 now live in new settlements like Tserovani, although none is as large, well-built or generously equipped. The rest live in renovated apartments or temporary accommodation, awaiting new homes. (more…)

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