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Published: July 21, 2009

KABUL, Afghanistan — Eight suicide attackers mounted assaults on government compounds in two eastern towns Tuesday, killing six members of the Afghan security forces and wounding four, officials said. (more…)

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by Daniel L. Bynum

July 14, 2009 —

Killing terrorist leaders is difficult, is often ineffective, and can easily backfire. Yet it is one of the United States’ few options for managing the threat posed by al Qaeda from its base in tribal Pakistan. By some accounts, U.S. drone activity in Pakistan has killed dozens of lower-ranking and at least 10 mid- and high-ranking leaders from al Qaeda and the Taliban. (more…)

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Published: July 12, 2009

BAGHDAD — A series of bombings hit five Christian churches here on Sunday, killing at least four people, and the American ambassador to Iraq narrowly escaped injury when a roadside bomb struck his convoy in Nasiriya in southern Iraq. (more…)

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COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — One of the highest-level European delegations to visit this war-torn country in years has failed to persuade the Sri Lankan government to declare a temporary truce with ethnic Tamil rebels.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa emphatically rejected the appeal Thursday and told Western governments to stop lecturing him, news agencies reported.

“The government is not ready to enter into any kind of cease-fire with the terrorists,” he said. “It is my duty to protect the people of this country. I don’t need lectures from Western representatives,” he said in a speech distributed by his office and quoted by the agencies.


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By Sheikh Jana, The New York Times

The Pakistani forces air-dropped commandos into the main town in Buner on Wednesday and quickly retook control of it from Taliban militants who flooded into the area last week, the military said. But the district was far from recaptured and the military may be in for a hard fight.

Villagers who fled the fighting and made it to this village on the plains said the military was bombing in Buner with fighter jets and firing rockets from helicopter gunships as Pakistani troops battled the Taliban on the ground for a second day.

Despite a curfew imposed by both the Taliban and the army, one villager, Walayat Khan, a cowherd in his 20s who did not know his exact age, said everyone was trying to get out of the district.


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By BBC News

Paramilitary troops are out in force in the Pakistani city of Karachi, with tension high a day after ethnic clashes killed at least 32 people.

There have been a number of fresh incidents of violence reported, including shots fired at the funerals of some of the victims.

The clashes are said to be between Urdu-speakers and ethnic Pashtuns.

Separately, President Asif Ali Zardari called for national unity in tackling militants in the restive north-west.

Pakistani troops this week launched operations in the Lower Dir and Buner regions to remove Taleban militants who had spread there from their stronghold in Swat.


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By The Wall Street Journal

Two car bombs tore through a crowded commercial district in Baghdad’s main Shiite district on Wednesday, killing at least 41 people, Iraqi police said.

The blasts went off in quick succession less than a week after bombings claimed more than 150 lives over a two-day span. The attacks have raised fears that suspected Sunni insurgents are regrouping and trying to reignite sectarian strife as the U.S. military begins to withdraw.

Sadr City is a former Shiite militia stronghold heavily guarded by Iraqi military. An offensive last year broke the control of militias over the district, and the area has been relatively quiet in recent months.


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