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COLOMBO, 30 March 2011 (IRIN) – Thousands of older returnees to Sri Lanka’s conflict-affected north feel marginalized and need medical care, experts say. (more…)

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By Jonathan Miller. Updated on 18 May 2010

Exclusive: a senior Sri Lankan army commander and frontline soldier tell Channel 4 News that point-blank executions of Tamils at the end of the Sri Lankan civil war were carried out under orders. (more…)

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* Colombo says to resettle 75,000 by end of August

* U.S. seeks end to detention, faster resettlement

WASHINGTON, Aug 7 (Reuters) – Sri Lanka has indicated it plans to release by the end of August 75,000 of the 280,000 Tamil civilians confined to displacement camps since the close of the country’s civil war, a senior U.S. official said on Friday, welcoming the news but urging Colombo to move faster.

Eric Schwartz, U.S. assistant secretary at the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, visited the camps late last month and said the figures were “encouraging news.”

But the United States, which has provided aid to the camps and is ready to offer more to help the displaced Tamils go home, was dismayed so many were being held against their will, he said. (more…)

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The Sri Lankan government has strongly denied allegations that more than 20,000 civilians were killed during its recent onslaught against Tamil rebels.

The figures published in The Times newspaper in the UK – quoting official documents and witness accounts – is far higher than previously thought.

A senior official from Sri Lanka’s Centre for National Security told the BBC the accusations were totally false.

The UN says that there are no confirmed estimates of civilian casualties.

The last time it gave an estimate was about two weeks before the end of the war, when it said that 6,500 people had died.

But the UN Resident Co-ordinator for Sri Lanka, Neil Buhne, has told the BBC that he has no final figure in part because access to displaced people in camps is restricted by the government.

The government’s denials are likely to be dismissed by many of its critics, who accuse it of repeatedly giving out inaccurate information about what has been happening in the north.

Aid agencies point out that its insistence that only about 110,000 civilians were trapped in fighting in the north – and its condemnation of UN figures saying the true figure was twice that – was followed by more than 250,000 civilians emerging from the area. (more…)

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by AFP

NEW DELHI (AFP) — Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Saturday told Sri Lanka he was deeply concerned about the “deteriorating humanitarian situation” in the war-torn island and urged it to protect Tamil civilians caught in the conflict. (more…)

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