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By Leila Fadel and Jinan Hussein

Washington Post

BAGHDAD — Gunmen pretending to be Iraqi security forces and U.S. soldiers killed at least 24 people here, shooting some and slitting others’ throats as they moved from house to house, officials and residents said Saturday.

The victims of the hour-long incident included women and children, but most were members of the Awakening, Sunni paramilitary forces also known as the Sons of Iraq that battled insurgents at the behest of the U.S. military. (more…)

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TAJI, Iraq — At least eight people were killed, including two policemen, in three separate attacks on Monday in northern and central Iraq, police said.

In the deadliest attack, five people were killed when a car bomb blew up near a convoy of US troops and Iraqi police near the town of Taji, just north of the capital Baghdad, local police Lieutenant Sarmed Sami told AFP.

The bomb narrowly missed the joint patrol on a highway near Taji, tearing through a line of gridlocked cars, Sami said. He said 38 people were wounded in the attack. (more…)

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