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The Guardian, By Jon Boone

An Afghan pilot has shot and killed eight coalition troops and one civilian contractor in the worst incident yet of Nato lives being taken by “rogue” members of the country’s embryonic security forces. (more…)

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By Rebecca Santana

Associated Press

BAGHDAD – Assailants killed eight members of a Shiite family in a village outside Baghdad on Monday, shooting some and beheading others, just one of a series of pre-election shooting and car bombing attacks that swept the country, killing 22 people in all. (more…)

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By Kim Gamel, Associated Press

BAGHDAD – In the evenings, women in black gather at Umm Fatin’s house to remember the dead.

Each family in the four neighboring houses in Tahrir, a former Sunni insurgent stronghold in Baqubah, has lost loved ones to bombings or shootings. Yet these deaths and countless others have fallen under the radar of the Iraq war. Nobody keeps an accurate tally of Iraqis killed because nobody knows. (more…)

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