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TAIZ 5 April 2011

Mohammed Munif’s three daughters were stunned by the sight of their teacher bleeding from the head after being hit by a stone during a protest, and further traumatized when their 12-year-old brother Ahmad was hit by a stray bullet in Yemen’s highland city of Taiz on 3 April. (more…)

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MOGADISHU, May 31, 2009 (AFP) – Two civilians, one of them a child, were killed Sunday when Islamist militants clashed briefly with Somali government forces in the capital Mogadishu, officials and witnesses said.

Insurgents had attacked police positions in the city’s northern Sanaa district, said police officer Mohamed Hashi.

“The violent elements opened fire on government positions near Sanaa,” Hashi told AFP. “There was heavy exchange of gunfire.”

Local resident Abdullahi Moalim said: “Two civilians, one of them a young boy, died in our neighbourhood after clashes erupted this afternoon.” (more…)

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