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Aug 25 (Reuters) – Following are security developments in Iraq at 1000 GMT on Tuesday. * denotes a new or updated item.

*BAGHDAD – A roadside bomb wounded four policemen in central Baghdad, police said.

* MOSUL – Gunman shot dead a patient in a hospital in Mosul, 390 km (240 miles) north of Baghdad, police said. The gunman and a member of the hospital protection force were both wounded in the attack.

SAMARRA – A roadside bomb killed one policeman and wounded another when it struck a police patrol in central Samarra, 100 km (62 miles) north of Baghdad, police said.

BAGHDAD – A bomb attached to a car wounded a municipal official, along with three of his bodyguards, in Baghdad’s central Karrada district, police said. A passerby was also wounded in the attack.

BAGHDAD – A roadside bomb wounded four civilians in Baghdad’s southeastern district of al-Ameen, police said.

MOSUL – Gunmen entered a mosque in Mosul, north of Baghdad, on Monday, wounding a Muslim cleric and a child playing nearby, police said.

BAGHDAD – Gunmen burst into the home of a university professor in Abu Ghraib, in Baghdad’s western outskirts, late on Monday, killing the man, police said.

BAGHDAD – Gunmen shot dead a policeman at a checkpoint in Abu Ghraib late on Monday, police said.


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