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The New York Times, By C J Chivers

5 May, 2011

MISURATA, Libya — The four fresh corpses, the remains of people recently killed in the shelling of Misurata, rested on the floor of an office in a small clinic. Each was wrapped in a dirty blanket. No one knew what to do with them, just as no one present had any idea of their names. (more…)

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ADAYSSEH, Lebanon — Lebanese and Israeli soldiers exchanged rocket and gunfire on Tuesday along the tense border between the two countries leaving two people injured on the Lebanese side, Lebanese army and security officials told AFP. (more…)

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03 Jun 2010 11:25:06 GMT

Source: Reuters
By Ibrahim Mohamed

MOGADISHU – Fighting in the north of Somalia’s capital Mogadishu killed at least 11 people on Thursday as government troops and Islamist fighters battled for control of the area, an ambulance official said. (more…)

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New York Times


KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — This city is no stranger to bombings. There have been many here over the years of war. But the one on Tuesday night — the deadliest — may have done more than any other to deepen Kandahar’s sense of isolation and tip its people into despair that someone, anyone, has the power to halt the mayhem that surrounds them.

The bombing produced an entire city block of devastation, gutting shops and homes and reducing many of the structures to mounds of rubble. On Wednesday, residents searched at the scene and hospitals for missing loved ones, as the death toll rose to 41, with more than 60 wounded.

Abdul Nabi, 45, a shopkeeper, could find only two of his six sons in the wreckage. “I rushed to the hospital and found my sons in very bad condition,” he said. “Three of my sons are still unconscious. One 7-year-old son just opened his eyes now. (more…)

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By FISNIK ABRASHI and NOOR KHAN, Associated Press Writers Fisnik Abrashi And Noor Khan, Associated Press Writers 55 mins ago

KABUL – NATO‘s new secretary-general said on his first trip to Afghanistan on Wednesday that new rules on Western airstrikes and ground operations have sharply reduced civilian casualties. But he spoke just hours after outraged Afghan villagers said a pre-dawn airstrike had killed three children and a man in a southern village. (more…)

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