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KABUL — More than 100 people including dozens of civilians were killed in violence related to Afghanistan’s ongoing war against the Taliban in the past week, authorities said on Sunday.

The interior ministry registered about 144 insurgency-related incidents — mostly roadside bombings and militant ambushes — from April 11-18, spokesman Zemarai Bashary said. (more…)

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KABUL — A roadside bomb tore through a car carrying civilians in eastern Afghanistan near the Pakistan border, killing four passengers and wounding five others, the government announced Tuesday.

The incident in the province of Paktia took place on Monday, the interior ministry said, blaming the attack on Taliban-led militants who are waging a deadly insurgency against the US-backed Afghan government.

“The mine was planted by the enemies of the country,” it said. (more…)

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New York Times


BAGHDAD — At least 75 people were killed in a series of truck bombings and other attacks on Wednesday that rocked areas around official buildings in central Baghdad, wounding 300 people, the Interior Ministry said.

Taken together, the attacks were among the most devastating in Baghdad since the withdrawal of American forces from street patrols at the end of June.

The explosions, at least one of them close to the heavily fortified Green Zone security area, sent plumes of dark smoke billowing over the capital, ripped a gaping hole in a compound wall and set cars ablaze, trapping their drivers inside. (more…)

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By Aziz Ahmad Shafe, Mohammad Ilyas Dayee and Aziz Ahmad Tassal in Khanshin, Helmand province (ARR No. 326, 14-July-09)

It is all too rare a phenomenon lately: local residents cheerful at the sight of foreign troops. But Operation Khanjar (Dagger Thrust), which the United States Marines launched in early July in southern Helmand, has so far delivered on its promise to put protection of civilians ahead of killing the enemy. (more…)

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By Tom Vanden Brook, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON — Roadside bomb attacks on coalition forces in Afghanistan are blowing past previous records, causing a rising number of wounded as U.S. troops are waging a major offensive to stop growing violence from Afghan insurgents. (more…)

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By Agence France-Presse

At least eight people were killed and 20 wounded in a suicide truck bombing in Iraq’s restive northern city of Mosul on Friday, security sources told AFP.

The explosives-laden truck ploughed into the police station in the southern part of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed al-Juburi told AFP.


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By associated press

KABUL (AP) — Afghan civilians will bear the brunt of an escalation in the Afghan war this year as thousands more U.S. troops deploy unless more is done by NATO forces and Taliban militants to protect them, a top Red Cross official said Monday.

Civilian casualties in Afghanistan are “significantly higher” today than a year ago, and an intensification of the conflict this year could mean that consequences for many more Afghans will be “dire in the extreme,” said Pierre Krahenbuhl, the director of operations for the International Committee of the Red Cross. (more…)

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