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REUTERS | Khaled Yacoub Oweis | July 11, 2011


Syrian forces killed at least one civilian and injured 20 in Homs on Monday during the heaviest raids on the city since troops deployed there two months ago to crush dissent against President Bashar al-Assad, residents said.


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REUTERS | June 21, 2011

Syrian security forces shot dead three people on Tuesday during clashes in two cities between President Bashar al-Assad’s loyalists and protesters demanding his removal, activists and residents said. (more…)

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The New York Times, By Laura Kasinof

27 April 2011

Protests and work strikes escalated across Yemen on Wednesday, leaving at least 12 dead on one of the country‚Äôs most violent days in a month, even as opposition and government officials were moving toward an agreement to usher President Ali Abdullah Saleh out of office in a month. (more…)

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April 18, 2011

ARBIL, Iraq, April 18 (Reuters) – At least 90 people were wounded in a second straight day of clashes between protesters and security forces in the northern Iraqi city of Sulaimaniya on Monday, police and medical sources said. (more…)

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By The Guardian

Sri Lanka today rejected a call by the UN for a ceasefire in its military campaign against the Tamil Tigers, insisting it would not be trapped into letting the group’s leaders escape.

Rebels belonging to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have taken refuge in a tiny enclave measuring less than eight square miles, alongside tens of thousands of civilians who are unable to leave.

Sri Lanka has accused the Tigers of using the civilians as human shields and claims they are being prevented from leaving. Aid agency officials say many civilians, including children, have been killed by the LTTE while trying to escape.

Yesterday a senior UN human rights official warned of a bloodbath unless tens of thousands of civilians are allowed to leave the war zone. Walter Kaelin, the representative of the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, on the human rights of internally displaced persons, said: “If the Sri Lankan army would try to go into there, if the LTTE would not be ready to let these civilians go, then we’ll end up with a bloodbath, and this must by all means be avoided.”


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