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Monday, July 27, 2009
16:04 Mecca time, 13:04 GMT

The Taliban in Afghanistan has issued a book laying down a code of conduct for its fighters. (more…)

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BBC News


Somali journalist Ahmed-Tajir Omar Hashi was walking in Mogadishu’s Bakara market with his boss, the head of one of the country’s leading broadcasters, Radio Shabelle, recently when he heard the crack of gunfire.

“I was hit in the left hand and the bullet passed into my left side above the kidney. It felt as if I was hit with a little stone. I did not know what it was because I had never been shot before,” says Mr Hashi who is recovering from his injuries in hospital.

“When I looked back, I saw Muktar Mohamed Hirabe lying on the ground and a man with a hand-gun standing above him. Then, I realised that I was in trouble and ran for my life.

Mr Hirabe became the fifth journalist to be killed this year in Somalia, which has become one of the world’s most dangerous places for journalists to work. (more…)

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Indian Mujahideen claims responsibility for Jaipur blasts

By Randeep Ramesh
The Guardian (UK

A little-known Islamic militant group claimed responsibility for a series of bomb blasts that claimed the lives of 63 people in the heritage city of Jaipur two days ago – an attack which could see top international cricketers leave the country and jeopardise India’s new billion-dollar cricket league.

The group, which called itself Indian Mujahideen, emailed video clips to two Delhi-based media organizations of a bicycle, which it said was packed with explosives that were set off at one of half a dozen sites in Jaipur, with the aim of disrupting the tourist industry. (more…)

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