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Sun Oct 17, 2010 3:20AM
Two separate non-UN-sanctioned US strikes in Pakistan’s tribal region of North Waziristan have killed nine people and injured several others.

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By Associated Press

PARIS — Embattled French troops mistakenly killed four Afghan civilians and seriously wounded one during a clash with insurgents east of Kabul, the French military said Thursday after concluding an investigation into the bloodshed. (more…)

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By The Washington Times


DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan (AP) — A suspected U.S. missile strike on a car killed two alleged militants and a civilian in northwestern Pakistan on Wednesday, intelligence officials said, a day after the U.S.-allied country reiterated its opposition to such attacks to visiting American officials.

The suspected strike indicates the Obama administration is unlikely to give up a Bush-era tactic American officials say has killed a string of al-Qaida operatives, even if it strains the relationship with Islamabad.

The attack came as residents elsewhere in Pakistan’s northwest tried to push out a group of Taliban militants who ventured into their territory from their stronghold in the Swat Valley and killed five people. In the south, meanwhile, police announced the arrest of five men alleged to be planning suicide attacks on the city of Karachi.


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By Munir Ahmad 

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Two suspected U.S missile attacks killed 18 people Friday in Pakistan just east of the Afghan border, security officials said, the first such strikes since the inauguration of President Barack Obama. (more…)

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by BBC News

A missile from a suspected US unmanned aircraft (drone) has killed at least eight people in a Pakistani tribal area close to Afghanistan, reports say. (more…)

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