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JULY 27, 2009

By MATTHEW ROSENBERG in Peshawar, Pakistan, AND ZAHID HUSSAIN in Mingora, Pakistan

Taliban militants driven from the Swat Valley by Pakistan’s army in recent months are again infiltrating the region’s towns and villages, kidnapping and beheading perceived enemies and ambushing soldiers, as hundreds of thousands of refugees return home. (more…)

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By Agence France-Presse

The most common cause of death for civilians in the first five years of the Iraq war was execution after being kidnapped, according to a report published Wednesday by an independent casualties monitor.

Iraq Body Count (IBC), a group supported by researchers from the United States and Britain, said that such killings accounted for 33 percent of all civilian deaths in the five years after the 2003 US-led invasion.


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By Deutsche Presse Agentur (DPA)
Zamboanga City, Philippines_(dpa) _ A Philippine court on Wednesday ordered the release of seven people arrested for allegedly providing support to Muslim militants holding captive two European Red Cross workers.

By Deutsche Presse Agentur (DPA)

The suspects – three police officers, two village captains and two alleged members of the Abu Sayyaf rebel group – were freed two days after police filed criminal charges of kidnapping for ransom and illegal detention against them.

They were arrested on Jolo island, 1,000 kilometres south of Manila, last week on suspicion of being supporters of al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf rebels, Governor Abdusakur Tan said.


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By Missionary International News Service Agency

The police have arrested three police officers, two village leaders and two alleged Abu Sayyaf members, charging them with conspiracy to kidnap three Red Cross (ICRC) workers. The suspects, says the Philippine press, are believed to have given logistical support and of having given refuge to the rebels. Yesterday, the government announced the nomination of a new negotiator to deal with the kidnappers, saying that he would be known to the rebels. Meanwhile, the army, police and volunteers encircling the Abu Sayyaf group have resumed their positions in Jolo to secure the release of Italian Eugenio Vagni and Swiss Andreas Notter, after Philippine Mary Jean Lacaba.was released a few days ago. The Philippine press quotes a military document indicating the Aby Sayyaf group is demanding a USD 5 million ransom. ICRC has often reiterated it cannot pay such a sum, stressing that its workers play a purely humanitarian role and in order not to encourage more kidnappings; the Philippine government itself has also refused to pay ransoms and said that none was paid for the release of Lacaba. The three ICRC workers were kidnapped last January 15 in Jolo. [AB]


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By Reuters News

* Aid work more dangerous than U.N. peacekeeping

* Locals most at risk

* Somalia, Afghanistan and Sudan drive rising trend

Soaring violence in Somalia and Afghanistan helped make 2008 the most dangerous year on record for aid workers, with 122 killed while carrying out their work, a report showed on Monday.

Aid work is now more risky than U.N. peacekeeping as attacks become increasingly politically motivated in some countries, researchers said.


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