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Reporting from Kabul, Afghanistan – Western troops have killed far fewer Afghan civilians since the top U.S. general imposed strict new rules of engagement aimed at addressing one of the most contentious issues of the conflict, according to newly declassified U.S. military figures.

However, the data cover a relatively short period of eight weeks, and make it clear that civilians are still dying in large numbers, a pattern blamed in part on the Taliban’s campaign of violence surrounding last week’s national elections.

The toll on civilians has angered Afghanistan’s government and poisoned public opinion against the presence of American and allied troops. The Obama administration has made reducing such deaths a top priority for the U.S. military. (more…)

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KABUL, Aug 8 (Reuters) – NATO-led forces are investigating whether they mistakenly killed two civilians in southern Afghanistan, the alliance’s International Security Assistance Force said on Saturday.

Afghan and NATO-led troops fired mortars at an insurgent they believed was observing their operations near an Afghan army base in Uruzgan province on Friday, but one of the mortar rounds fell short, the force said in a statement.

The statement said villagers had reported two civilians killed. ISAF had notified local officials and launched a joint investigation. (more…)

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04 Aug 2009 09:44:13 GMT
Source: Reuters

(For full coverage of Afghanistan)
* Rockets land in same district as U.S., British embassies
* Child hurt, minor damage; Taliban claim responsibility
* Provincial governor escapes assassination attempt (Adds President Karzai quotes, suicide attack) (more…)

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By ROBERT H. REID and KATHY GANNON (AP) – 1 hour ago

KABUL — President Hamid Karzai said Monday he wants new rules governing the conduct of U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan and would be willing to talk with Taliban leaders who publicly renounce violence and endorse peace. (more…)

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By Mark Thompson in Washington and Aryn Baker in Kabu

The headquarters of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Kabul looks more like a college campus than the nerve center of a military operation involving more than 90,000 troops from 41 countries, its staff officers roaming the halls in each nation’s distinct patterns of camouflage. On July 3, on a wooden deck at the back of his office in the compound, shaded by trees and a garden umbrella, U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal, who recently became ISAF’s commander, and that of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, sat down to discuss his new role. (more…)

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