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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

THE International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) appeals for greater respect for civilians amid conflict situations that are not of their own doing.

The cycles of violence through the insurgency have been prevalent over the years across the country, and it has resulted in casualties and displacement, bringing havoc and fear to affected communities who are not even participants to the conflict. (more…)

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Published: March 2, 2011

KABUL, Afghanistan — Nine boys collecting firewood to heat their homes in the eastern Afghanistan mountains were killed by NATO helicopter gunners who mistook them for insurgents, according to a statement on Wednesday by NATO, which apologized for the mistake. (more…)

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The New York Times
February 26, 2011
KABUL, Afghanistan


A playing field in a remote area of northwest Afghanistan where a crowd had gathered was the most recent target for a suicide bomber who detonated himself on Saturday, in the seventh suicide attack in Afghanistan in less than a month.

The attack in Faryab Province killed at least 3 people and wounded 30, said the provincial governor, Abdul Haq Shafaq. The crowd had gathered for a game of buzkashi, which involves men on horseback trying to grab a dead goat from each other. The governor said the attacker was a 17-year-old boy. It was unclear how officials could judge his age. (more…)

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One World
Poonam Taneja
28 February 2011

The Female Engagement Team of International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan is reaching out to millions of windows that are living their lives in oblivion and seclusion. Efforts have been taken to integrate the widows in the wider society through training and skill building.

After decades of conflict in Afghanistan, there are almost two million widows leading secluded, poverty-stricken lives. But now all-female army units are going into remote villages in an effort to integrate these women into wider society. (more…)

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The CIA passed up a chance last year to kill Sirajuddin Haqqani, the head of an anti-American insurgent network in Pakistan that is closely linked to Al Qaeda and the Afghan Taliban, when it chose not to fire a missile at him from a Predator drone because women and children were nearby, U.S. and Pakistani officials say. (more…)

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KABUL, Afghanistan, Feb. 21 (UPI) — U.S. military officials said they were investigating claims that civilians were killed during operations in Nangarhar and Kunar provinces.

An undisclosed number of civilians were reported killed after international forces fired on suspected insurgents seen placing what the U.S. military said were improvised explosive devices along a road in Nangarhar province. (more…)

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Insurgents open fire on people waiting in line and two bombers detonate explosive belts at a Kabul Bank branch in the city of Jalalabad. The Taliban say the latest in a series of strikes targeted soldiers who draw their pay from the bank.

JalalabadSmoke rises from the area where gunmen and bombers stormed the Kabul Bank branch in the city of Jalalabad. (PO / Pajhwok Afghan, AFP/Getty Images / February 19, 2011)
    By Laura King, Los Angeles TimesFebruary 20, 2011 

    Reporting from Kabul, Afghanistan —

    It was lunchtime, and it was a Saturday, the first day of the Afghan workweek. In the city of Jalalabad, as elsewhere, plenty of people needed to make a stop at the bank.

For scores of them, this quick errand turned into a nightmare. In the latest of a series of methodical and deadly strikes in Afghanistan’s largest cities, gunmen and bombers stormed a busy bank branch in the main urban hub of eastern Afghanistan, killing at least 18 people and injuring more than 70, provincial authorities said. (more…)

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