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By: Malalai Joya

April 10, 2011

The disgusting and heartbreaking photos published in March by the media are finally bringing the grisly truth about the war in Afghanistan to a wider public.

All the PR about this war being about democracy and human rights melts into thin air with these pictures of US soldiers posing with the dead and mutilated bodies of innocent Afghan civilians.

I must report that Afghans do not believe this be a story of a few rogue soldiers. We that is part and parcel of the entire military occupation. (more…)

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By BBC Monitoring South Asia

Text of an editorial in Dari entitled: “Crime under the pretext of fighting the enemy”, published by privately-owned Afghan newspaper Rah-e Nejat on 28 July

Over the course of its history, Afghanistan has been the scene of heartbreaking war crimes and massive violations of rights of its people. These crimes and violations of rights continued till the end of the Taleban regime, when such crimes had reached their climax. (more…)

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