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Germany said Tuesday it had paid USD 5,000 (3,800 euros) each to members of the families of the 91 Afghans killed and 11 injured in last September’s US air strikes called in by German commander Col. Georg Klein on two hijacked fuel tankers near the Afghan town of Kunduz. (more…)

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October 29, 2009

BERLIN — A top German general said Thursday that a NATO investigation of an airstrike against a pair of hijacked Afghan tanker trucks showed the attack was appropriate even though it led to civilian casualties.

Gen. Wolfgang Schneiderhan, who is the general inspector of the German army, also said that the exact death toll could no longer be confirmed. (more…)

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The Telegraph


A German commander who ordered an air strike on fuel tankers that killed dozens of Afghans used intelligence from a single observer in a possible breach of tactical rules.

An American warplane dropped 500lb bombs on the tankers after they were hijacked by Taliban militants and then became stuck in a river.

Reports suggested dozens of civilians could have been burned alive alongside the militants as villagers crowded round the lorries to collect fuel before the bombs struck in northern Kunduz province. (more…)

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BERLIN (AFP)–German soldiers shot dead two Afghan civilians and seriously injured two more Sunday when they opened fire on a vehicle speeding towards them, the German armed forces said. (more…)

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Der Spiegel

Behind closed doors, the German government is slowly but surely changing the rules for combat on Afghanistan, allowing its forces to take a more offensive approach. At the same time, German popular support for the “war” that no one wants to a call war continues to decline. (more…)

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