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Amnesty International

29 Jan. 2011

Amnesty International expressed concern that recent evictions of internally displaced families “failed to meet international standards.”

“In particular, Amnesty International is concerned that the authorities failed to give adequate prior notice to those evicted, to ensure that all those eligible were provided with financial assistance prior to their removal, and to give full and unhindered access to monitors. Amnesty International is also concerned by reports that not all the alternative housing offered to those evicted by the government fully meets the standards of adequate housing,” the rights group said on January 28.

About six hundred IDP families were evicted from some twenty two buildings in Tbilisi since January 20. These families, many of them displaced from Abkhazia as a result of conflict in early 1990s, occupied those buildings without the government’s permission since the August, 2008 war. There were families among them, who were displaced as a result of the August war as well.

According to the Transparency International-Georgia, which is monitoring IDPs housing process, this complex problem involving eviction, resettlement and providing monetary compensation “are politicized, generalized and misunderstood.” According to this watchdog group one of “the biggest shortcomings” has been government’s failure to publicly acknowledge complexity of the issue and to explain how and why it makes decisions on issues such as eviction.

“More effective public communication about decisions would go a long way towards allaying the public’s concerns,” it said.


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Relevant article documenting the continuing plight of Georgian IDP’s (Internally Displaced Person’s) even in the aftermath of 2008 war…

Article by Caitlin Ryan and Lasha Gogidz;
Transparency International

24 January 2011

The current evictions of IDPs in Tbilisi have dominated recent news, with ongoing protests and some opposition parties taking up the cause célèbre. The public perception is that the evictions are fundamentally unfair, yet most of the information available about this process does little to explain what is really happening. The government has not done much to clarify the issues either. As a result, the complex problems of a vulnerable group are politicized, generalized and misunderstood. (more…)

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By Saba Tsitsikashvili, Humanrights.ge

April 22, 2010


“In the morning of March 13, before TV-Company Imedi released simulated Chronicle, the society studying the hypertension level among Georgian population published the results of their research in the IDP settlements. According to the research in Tserovani and Karaleti settlements, more than half of IDPs have high blood pressure, excitement and depression. “Our aim is to survey health conditions of the IDPs. We intend to protect the interests of these people. First of all, we want to regulate their chronic diseases and supply them with the medicines which are necessary for them. Providing corresponding information to the IDPs is also necessary. All competent structures shall involve this procedure,” said project director Dali Trapaidze at the conference. (more…)

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By Mzia Kupunia, The Messenger Online
April 21, 2010

The situation in Georgia’s occupied territories in terms of human rights and international law violations has “exceeded all limits”, Georgian Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze said on April 19. He was speaking at a press conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York. (more…)

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By Joseph A. Klein, Canada Free Press

Monday, April 19, 2010


While the United Nations Human Rights Council continues to trump up charges against Israel for defending itself against Islamic extremist terrorists seeking its destruction, the Council continues to ignore real illegal occupation of territory within the democratic nation of Georgia by the Russian Federation. (more…)

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By Shorena Kakabadze, Humanrights.ge
March 30, 2010

Kutaisi, Georgia – The residents of a nursery school building located on the Nikea Street in Kutaisi joined the number of IDPs who protest against their living conditions. (more…)

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The Messenger Online

By Salome Modebadze

February 17, 2010


There will be no homeless IDP families in Georgia in a couple of years, Koba Subeliani, the Minister of Refugees and Resettlement of Georgia, said in his annual report to the Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee on February 16. (more…)

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