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01 Aug 2010 16:07:04 GMT
By Wathiq Ibrahim

Source: Reuters

The number of civilians killed by violence in Iraq almost doubled in July from June, a sign that insurgents may be trying to exploit political tensions after an election that produced no outright winner. (more…)

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Philippines: hoping for a better life despite election fears

Although most displaced people in Central Mindanao have returned to their homes over the past year, thousands have yet to do so. The ICRC has been providing assistance for them in accordance with their needs. This is an update on these and other ICRC activities in the Philippines. (more…)

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27/04/2010. © 2010 AFP

More than 200,000 of some 280,000 mainly Tamil people displaced after the civil war in northern Sri Lanka have left their camps since last August, the UN refugee agency said Tuesday. (more…)

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By Muhanad Mohammed

(Reuters) – Two bombs killed 42 people and wounded 65 others in Iraq’s mainly Sunni Diyala province on Friday, underscoring tensions just before the release of full preliminary results from the March 7 parliamentary election.

A car bomb and a roadside bomb exploded in the town of Khalis, about 80 km (50 miles) north of Baghdad, police said. (more…)

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By Hilmi Kamal


BAQUBA, Iraq  – Suicide bombers struck Iraq on Wednesday just days before a national election, killing 33 people and wounding 55 as the war-scarred nation seeks to cement its frail democracy before a U.S. troop pullout. (more…)

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