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LONDON (Reuters) – An Afghan girl died after a box of information leaflets — dropped by a British military plane and intended to help the local population — landed on top of her, the Ministry of Defence said on Wednesday.

The MoD said it had launched an investigation into the incident which occurred three months ago in a rural area of Helmand in southern Afghanistan where British troops are battling Taliban insurgents.

Civilian casualties have become an extremely sensitive issue in Afghanistan, with U.S. commander General Stanley McChyrstal warning that protecting civilians from U.S. and NATO air strikes is essential to getting the upper hand in the conflict. (more…)

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By David Miliband

Published: July 26 2009 19:03 | Last updated: July 26 2009 19:03

In recent weeks the debate about Afghanistan has centered on the UK military‚Äôs tactics and resources. The bravery and commitment of our forces has been remarkable, and the toll of death and injury from recent operations heavy. But the result is 80,000 to 100,000 Afghans secure from Taliban threats and violence, and able to vote in the Afghan elections on August 20. (more…)

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