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First they came for his father, then they told Abdirahman Sharif Mohamed that they were coming for him.

In a series of chilling telephone warnings, militants from Somalia’s notorious al-Shabaab movement denounced the father of six as a traitor and ordered him out of Mogadishu.

“They said they would kill me if they found me,” he said. “They told me since I was working for the Government they wanted me dead.”

Hundreds of people are crossing Somalia’s border with Kenya every day as they flee the Islamist militias who have brought a fresh round of terror to an already dysfunctional country.

Families who stayed through 18 years of strife have had enough.

Almost 170,000 people have left the capital, Mogadishu, in six weeks of fighting that has raised brutality to new levels — even by Somalia’s standards. Amputations, kidnappings and murder are the tools of war. (more…)

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