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Published: July 27, 2009

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Even as hundreds of thousands of people stream back to the Swat Valley after months of fighting, one important group is conspicuously absent: the wealthy landowners who fled the Taliban in fear and are the economic pillar of the rural society. (more…)

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27 Jul 2009 16:09:44 GMT
Source: Reuters
* Holding territory depends on Afghan troops
* Only 650 Afghan soldiers fighting with U.S., British
* Training of Afghan police, soldiers needs expanding (more…)

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By Julian E. Barnes
July 26, 2009 Reporting from Kabul, Afghanistan — The U.S. and its allies must change their mission to focus on protecting the Afghan people — even if it means temporarily allowing the Taliban to operate relatively freely in sparsely populated areas, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan said in an interview Saturday. (more…)

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By David Miliband

Published: July 26 2009 19:03 | Last updated: July 26 2009 19:03

In recent weeks the debate about Afghanistan has centered on the UK military’s tactics and resources. The bravery and commitment of our forces has been remarkable, and the toll of death and injury from recent operations heavy. But the result is 80,000 to 100,000 Afghans secure from Taliban threats and violence, and able to vote in the Afghan elections on August 20. (more…)

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Published: July 25, 2009

NAWA, Afghanistan — In three combat tours in Anbar Province, Marine Sgt. Jacob Tambunga fought the deadliest insurgents in Iraq. (more…)

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KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan — Canadian troops accidentally shot and killed a young Afghan girl at dusk on Tuesday, a spokesman for Task Force Afghanistan confirmed Wednesday. (more…)

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By Spencer Ackerman 7/22/09 6:00 AM

In the spring of 2006, with sectarian violence in Baghdad claiming hundreds of lives every week, an officer with the First Cavalry Division submitted an essay to a counterinsurgency writing competition on how the U.S. military needed to adapt for a confusing war. Drawing on the writings of the obscure midcentury French counterinsurgent David Galula, the officer issued a series of observations at odds with the military strategy on display in the country. “For the local people to feel secure and provide intelligence, they must have 24-hour access to the counterinsurgent force,” advised Lt. Col. Doug Ollivant, the division’s chief of plans, in an influential paper called “Producing Victory,” published in “Military Review” that summer. (more…)

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