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The Associated Press
Tuesday, November 30, 2010; 11:44 AM

KABUL, Afghanistan — Once sharply curtailed because of complaints over civilian casualties, U.S. and NATO forces have ramped up the air war in Afghanistan since this summer.


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Text of editorial in Pashto entitled “Regarding arbitrary bombing raid in Nurestan, one cannot fight wildness with wildness” published by pro-government Afghan newspaper Weesa on 6 July

The arbitrary bombing raid in Nurestan the other day which killed more than 20 of our innocent compatriots cannot be considered anything other than a crime. It is deplorable that foreign troops based in Afghanistan have committed such a crime. Unfortunately, such arbitrary bombing raids, brutal killings and unprecedented wildness have been repeated so many times during the past nearly seven years that now it is difficult to believe that these foreign forces have come to our country for assistance and restoration of security. (more…)

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By McClatchy-Tribune News Service

BAGHDAD –  Bombers killed nearly 40 people Thursday in Iraq, half of them at a meeting of tribal sheiks in Anbar province, where the United States and tribal forces had been thought largely to have defeated Sunni Muslim insurgents.

Details of the Anbar bombing were sketchy, but U.S. officials confirmed that American service members were among the casualties.

The attack came just days before the United States was to turn Anbar security over to the Iraqis. That plan is now on hold, American officials said. (more…)

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By  Agence France Presse

A suicide attack on a military convoy killed a US-led soldier and 11 Afghans in southern Afghanistan Friday, a day after a huge operation to drive Taliban rebels from a key stronghold.

The convoy was driving through a crowded bazaar in the troubled province of Helmand when it was hit by small-arms fire and then an insurgent detonated explosives strapped to his body, officials said.

Separately, two US-led coalition troops were killed Thursday in an operation against insurgents in Helmand, the country’s main opium growing area and a tough bastion of the hardline Taliban movement. (more…)

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Published: June 18, 2008

BAGHDAD — Explosives stowed in a minibus obliterated part of a bustling marketplace and set ablaze a crowded apartment building in the heavily Shiite Huriya district of northwest Baghdad, killing at least 51 people and wounding 75 late Tuesday afternoon, Iraqi security officials said.

There were immediate and angry calls for revenge from Shiites, a display of sectarian tensions that had been ebbing as the overall violence dropped in Iraq. The blast occurred in the heart of a neighborhood where Sunnis had been brutally driven out — and some of the current residents blamed the displaced Sunnis for the attack. (more…)

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