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AMISOM troop surge pledged by Burundi and Uganda could make a difference in fight against Somali militants and ultimately, in the lives of civilians caught in the crossfire:

MOGADISHU, March 26 (Reuters)

by George Obulutsa; editing by Mark Heinrich

Uganda and Burundi said on Saturday they have committed 3,000 extra troops to the African Union mission in Somalia, bolstering the fight against insurgents. (more…)

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Agence France-Presse (AFP)

Date: 19 Mar 2011
By Adel Zaanoun (AFP)

GAZA CITY, Palestinian Territories — Gaza militants fired dozens of shells into Israel Saturday, wounding two people, and Israel pounded Gaza in return, injuring at least five Palestinians and cutting power. (more…)

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2011-03-17 16:00:00
Fighting ‘anti-Americanism’ that prevails among Ahmedzai Wazir tribes in South Waziristan is more challenging for the Pakistan Army than taking on the Taliban in the region bordering Afghanistan.

This problem may, however, go away with the start of gradual withdrawal of the American forces from Afghanistan this July, and the Pakistan Army thinks that the command may be handed over to the paramilitary forces to begin the regular troops’ withdrawal from South Waziristan. (more…)

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March 2, 2011

By: Daniel J Gerstle

Last week, King’s College researchers in London published a study looking into the gory details of how people were killed during the Iraq War. Based on this research, they offer some insight about how civilian casualties might be reduced in future combat. (more…)

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NAIROBI, 1 March 2011 (IRIN) – An offensive by pro-Somali government troops and Ethiopian forces against Al-Shabab militants in the western Somali town of Bulo Hawo has forced thousands of people to flee their homes there and in the nearby Kenyan town of Mandera, say witnesses and officials. (more…)

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Legal expert tackles dilemmas of asymmetrical wars.

By Philip Spiegel | February 11, 2011patch

The modern era of warfare has borne rise to profound and challenging new questions, forcing leaders, civilians and warriors to take a long look in the ethical mirror.

“We’ve moved from an era of collective guilt and collective punishment to an era where human rights really matter,” said David Luban in concluding his lecture, “Asymmetrical Wars: The Three Hardest Questions,” at Annenberg Auditorium Thursday afternoon. This talk was part of the yearlong “Ethics and War” series at Stanford. (more…)

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Rising food and fuel prices in Gaza come as a direct result of political instability in Egypt, and exemplify just one of the many additional hardships endured by civilian populations in regions in turmoil:

GAZA, 7 February 2011 (IRIN) – More than a week of political unrest in Egypt has heightened the threat of a humanitarian crisis in neighbouring Gaza. Egyptian soldiers fled their posts on the northern border on 30 January, forcing the Rafah crossing – a critical valve for the 1.5 million Palestinians living in Gaza – to close. (more…)

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