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ANGOR BAGH, Afghanistan: The stench of burnt flesh hung over the banks of the Kunduz river early yesterday, the ground scattered with the body parts of villagers who just wanted something for free.

Helping yourself to the spoils of hijacked military convoys is nothing new in Afghanistan and the payload of two fuel tankers destined for NATO-led forces seemed as good as any.

But the overnight bonanza soon turned to horror when NATO jets launched an airstrike before 3am (8.30am AEST), strafing the tankers and igniting an inferno that officials said killed between 50 and 90 people.

“Nobody was in one piece. Hands, legs and body parts were scattered everywhere. Those who were away from the fuel tanker were badly burnt,” said 32-year-old Mohammad Daud. (more…)

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Fourteen-year-old Asmit Ali has no hands — they were blown off while he was playing with a piece of unexploded ordnance 10 days ago.

The Pakistani schoolboy, his face dotted with scars from the explosion, sits on a plastic chair outside his ward at a field hospital run by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

His body is limp, his abdomen and the stumps of his hands are bandaged and he is barely able to speak.

“He found something — it looked like the cap of a thermos flask — and brought it home and he was playing with it when it exploded,” says his father, Shaukat Ali. (more…)

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KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — This city is no stranger to bombings. There have been many here over the years of war. But the one on Tuesday night — the deadliest — may have done more than any other to deepen Kandahar’s sense of isolation and tip its people into despair that someone, anyone, has the power to halt the mayhem that surrounds them.

The bombing produced an entire city block of devastation, gutting shops and homes and reducing many of the structures to mounds of rubble. On Wednesday, residents searched at the scene and hospitals for missing loved ones, as the death toll rose to 41, with more than 60 wounded.

Abdul Nabi, 45, a shopkeeper, could find only two of his six sons in the wreckage. “I rushed to the hospital and found my sons in very bad condition,” he said. “Three of my sons are still unconscious. One 7-year-old son just opened his eyes now. (more…)

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Bombs on two buses in southern Iraq have exploded, killing at least 11 people and injuring another 25.

Police said that all of the casualties in Monday’s blasts in the city of Kut, 175km southeast of Baghdad, were civilians.

Mohammed Fadhil, a police lieutenant, said: “Sticky bombs were attached to two buses and 10 people were killed.

“Women and children are among the casualties.”

Sticky bombs are small bombs or grenades stuck to targets with magnets or tape and then detonated. They can be attached to fuel tanks on vehicles to cause maximum damage. (more…)

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(Updates with 13 militants killed in clashes in Swat, U.S. Afghan commander meets Pakistani army chief)

A bomb planted in a vehicle killed six people in northwestern Pakistan on Monday as soldiers killed 13 militants in fresh clashes in the Swat valley where the army has made gains in a three-month offensive.

There has been a lull in militant violence in Pakistan in recent weeks after security forces pushed back Taliban insurgents in their bastion of Swat and stepped up attacks on Pakistani Taliban in the South Waziristan region.

But Monday’s blast and the clashes in Swat, which followed two suicide bombings there on the weekend that killed five soldiers, will raise fears that the militants are re-organising.

Three women and two children were among those killed when the bomb hidden in a box of medicine given to the vehicle’s driver to deliver went off, police officer Sifwat Ghayyur told reporters at the site of the blast in Charssada town. (more…)

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