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The Canadian Press | Steve Rennie | June 9, 2011

OTTAWA — The Canadian government has shelled out more than $1 million in goodwill payments to compensate hundreds of Afghans for deaths and damages incurred over the course of Canada’s mission in Afghanistan. (more…)

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06 September 2010

By: Dene Moore
Source: The Canadian Press

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – The Department of National Defence paid just over $650,000 during the course of two years to compensate Afghans for damages and deaths resulting from Canadian operations. In the 2009 fiscal year, the department paid out $205,828 in 102 ex-gratia payments for damages and losses suffered by Afghan civilians, according to reports by the Receiver General of Canada. The payments ranged from as low as $104 to as much as $14,424.


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The Canadian Press


KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Canadian troops in the dangerous Panjwaii district west of Kandahar city fired on a speeding motorcycle Thursday evening, killing an apparently unarmed driver and his passenger.

The incident occurred while a shura, or community meeting, was being held near a mosque in the village of Pay-e-Moluk.

Maj. Vance White, senior public affairs officer for Canada’s Task Force Kandahar, said Friday that a motorcycle carrying two “fighting-aged males” rapidly advanced and “showed intent to penetrate the security cordon.”

“Verbal and visual warnings were used and one aimed warning shot was fired close to the motorcycle to alert the driver to stop,” he said.

“The driver did not heed the warnings. In fact he accelerated, demonstrating known insurgent protocols. Soldiers then fired shots in order to stop the motorcycle.”

The two men sustained gunshot wounds and were immediately taken to the nearby Forward Operating Base at Sperwan Ghar and received treatment. But they died of their wounds about 40 minutes later. (more…)

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By Jeff Davis

For the first time, the Department of National Defence has released the total number of civilians killed and injured by Canadian troops in Afghanistan, as well as details on compensation for victims. (more…)

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The Canadian military is being criticized by a UN investigator for a lack of accountability for civilian deaths in Afghanistan, where more than 200 civilians have been killed by international military forces this year, a recent report suggests.

The United Nation’s special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Philip Alston, told CBC News that senior Canadian officers, among those from other NATO countries operating in Afghanistan, have refused to provide him with information about civilian casualties when asked. (more…)

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