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Date: 03 Jul 2009

GENEVA, 3 July 2009 – UNICEF is deeply concerned about the condition of thousands of children who have been displaced by conflict, or who remain in affected areas, in north-western Pakistan. Nearly 50 per cent of the estimated 2 million displaced are children, many of whom are in urgent need of health and educational services, nutritional support, access to clean water and sanitation as well as protection. Their situation has been compounded by the harsh summer temperatures. (more…)

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Roshan Khan

June 29, 2009

Clashes and air strikes killed at least 27 militants and five civilians as fighting surged Monday across Pakistan’s northwest tribal belt, a Taliban stronghold, officials said. (more…)

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updated 4:00 a.m. EDT, Mon June 29, 2009

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) — An explosive detonated under a bridge, injuring five civilians and three policemen Monday morning in northwest Pakistan, police said. (more…)

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The road home for Sultan Mahmood was hardly a welcoming sight. The route through the mountains was scattered with burnt-out cars and lorries and lined with the wreckage of buildings destroyed as the army mounted its assault on the Taleban in and around the northwestern region of Swat. (more…)

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