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At least 30 people have been killed in two bombings in Iraq.

The first occurred in the town of Karma, west of Baghdad, where a suicide attacker detonated a bomb at a local council meeting, killing at least 12.

More than a dozen people were wounded. It was the third attack in a week against a local administrative branch of the US-backed Iraqi government. (more…)

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By The International Herald Tribune

A human rights groups said in a report Wednesday that violence in Chechnya had decreased markedly in recent years but that fighting between Muslim insurgents and Russian troops threatened to engulf a neighboring region.

Human Rights Watch said a recent spike in insurgent attacks in the region, Ingushetia, had provoked a series of kidnappings, torture and arbitrary killings of civilians by law enforcement agents that was reminiscent of the rights abuses in Chechnya. (more…)

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