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March 28, 2011
10 Ideas That Will Change the World
Why Afghanistan Is Far from Hopeless
By Peter Bergen
In winter, a noxious fog sometimes descends on Kabul that is so acrid, you can actually taste it. It’s a toxic brew of fumes from traffic jams and thousands of charcoal fires, and it’s a testament to the fact that in the decade since the fall of the Taliban, Kabul’s population has gone up sixfold, from 500,000 to about 3 million. (more…)

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The Globe and Mail

Wednesday, Mar. 16, 2011

U.S. General David Petraeus suspended a ground force commander after the deaths of two Afghan teenagers in a helicopter strike earlier this week, the second time this month that NATO forces mistakenly targeted children in their hunt for insurgents. (more…)

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17 March 2011
Mr. President, Members of the Security Council, dear Ambassador Tanin,
Today’s meeting marks almost a year since the assumption of my duties in Afghanistan and coincides with discussions over the renewal of the UNAMA mandate. It is therefore an opportune moment to reflect on the events of the last year—from the London Conference to Lisbon summit, the time horizon ahead and the UN’s activities in line with Afghan priorities. (more…)

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Witnesses back leaked UN reports detailing claims of rape and murder against feared Tajik warlord

By Julius Cavendish

Friday, 18 March 2011

An Afghan warlord backed by US special forces faces persistent allegations that he launched a two-year spate of violence involving burglary, rape and murder of civilians, desecration of mosques and mutilation of corpses. Yet, despite repeated warnings about the atrocities Commander Azizullah is alleged to have committed, he has remained on the payroll of the US military as an “Afghan security guard”, a select band of mercenaries described by some as “the most effective fighting formation in Afghanistan”. (more…)

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March 18, 2011

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan says it will not attend the next round of talks with the United States and Afghanistan in protest over an especially deadly American missile attack. (more…)

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Associated Press
Friday, March 18, 2011
SANGIN, Afghanistan

In a war where winning the hearts and minds of Afghans is the ultimate goal, damaging homes with powerful explosives and bulldozing a mosque and scores of other buildings may not sound like a wise idea.

But U.S. Marines in this key Taliban sanctuary say that’s sometimes the only way to make progress, even if it risks angering the same people whose loyalties are required for success — a difficult trade-off that troops have grappled with throughout Afghanistan. (more…)

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2011-03-17 16:00:00
Fighting ‘anti-Americanism’ that prevails among Ahmedzai Wazir tribes in South Waziristan is more challenging for the Pakistan Army than taking on the Taliban in the region bordering Afghanistan.

This problem may, however, go away with the start of gradual withdrawal of the American forces from Afghanistan this July, and the Pakistan Army thinks that the command may be handed over to the paramilitary forces to begin the regular troops’ withdrawal from South Waziristan. (more…)

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