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The Atlantic Wire, By Elspeth Reeve

4 May, 2011

Notorious private contractor Blackwater (which two years ago gave itself the new name Xe Services) has tapped former Attorney General John Ashcroft to head its ethics committee. It’s a signal, Wired’s Spencer Ackerman writes, that the company will continue to pursue lucrative government security contracts. Blackwater, which has not been very successful in getting people to use the Xe Services name, has been trying to shed its Iraqi cowboy reputation since its founder, Erik Price, sold the company late last year. Ashcroft, who was the early face of the Bush administration’s War on Terror, has long-standing ties to Washington and will reassure federal officials that the company is now on the straight and narrow. (more…)

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By Frieda Berrigan, Foreign Policy in Focus

Good news is in short supply. The economy remains bleak. The war in Iraq entered its seventh year last week, and violence reaches new pinnacles in Afghanistan. But there is one bright light amid all this gloom. Real progress is being made to ban cluster munitions. These are canisters of different sizes that release hundreds of bomblets on detonation, scattering deadly devices over an area as large as several football fields.


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Bomb found at Mexico City tower

MEXICO CITY, Mexico (AP) — More than 10,000 people were evacuated Thursday from Latin America’s tallest building where police found a small handmade bomb inside a car parked in the garage, authorities said. (more…)

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Few Muslims ‘back suicide bombs’
BBC News

Support for suicide bombings against civilians has fallen sharply across the Muslim world since 2002, a major survey has suggested. (more…)

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