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Huffington Post Blog | Ignacio “Iggy” Balderas | May 24, 2011

The failure to establish effective accountability over private security contractors (PSCs) hasn’t just obscured important truths about how our nation secures its foreign policy — it has allowed some reckless actors to repeatedly endanger this goal.

We now have a chance to firmly lay down the rules, punish violators and allow the professional PSCs who make me proud every day do the jobs they’re trained to do. This is why I support The Civilian Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act (CEJA), which will be reintroduced soon by Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-VT. The bill was originally introduced last year and goes further than the current law in holding contractors accountable and plugs potential legal loopholes that bad actors may take advantage of. (more…)

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The New York Times, By Christopher M. Schnaubelt

18 May, 2011

As the third month of military operations begins, the NATO-led efforts to protect civilians in Libya are subject to a vast array of questions. The most important is whether political leaders are fully cognizant of the inherent limits of military force in achieving humanitarian goals. Whether it is called “kinetic military action” or “war,” all combat is subject to fog and friction in a contest of wills — even when the ultimate purpose is defending innocent bystanders. (more…)

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Euronews, May 4, 2011

As Syria intensifies its clampdown on anti-government protesters, international pressure on the regime is being stepped up.

It comes as new amateur video, the authenticity of which cannot be verified, purports to show mass arrests in Deraa.

The US has described Syria’s reported tactics – using tanks and arbitrary arrests – as “barbaric measures” against “innocent civilians”. France has called on the EU to impose sanctions on Syrian leaders. (more…)

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Associated Press

29 April 2011

BRUSSELS — NATO is congratulating Gen. David Petraeus on his nomination as CIA head, saying its forces in Afghanistan will continue implementing his strategy of handing control to local security forces. (more…)

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Reuters, By Alexander Dziadosz

April 20, 2011

BENGHAZI, Libya, April 20 (Reuters) – Libyan rebels would not object to the presence of foreign ground forces to protect a safe haven for civilians, a senior rebel spokesman said on Wednesday. (more…)

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