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By International Committee for the Red Cross

Over the past 30 years, Iraqi women have repeatedly suffered the effects of armed conflict. Since 2003, they have increasingly been caught in the crossfire, killed or wounded in mass explosions and displaced from their homes. Women are targeted for their behavior and role in society, they are raped, kidnapped or assassinated and they are especially vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation.

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By The Guardian

Polish soldiers in Ghazni province are winning over locals with their shoot-last policy, but US troops who went around kicking in doors have left suspicion in their wake Most days, weather permitting, a couple of US Black Hawk helicopters take off from Bagram airbase and do the rounds of Nato bases in Afghanistan’s eastern provinces. They serve as taxis, couriers and delivery vans. They hop from one fortified lilypad to the next, crossing huge tracts of rocky, dusty, hostile terrain over which the alliance and the government it supports have no control, and probably never will.


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Iraqi civilian deaths plunge
By Ned Parker, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

BAGHDAD — Iraq’s civilian body count in October was less than half that at its height in January, reflecting both the tactical successes of this year’s U.S. troop buildup and the lasting impact of waves of sectarian death squad killings, car bombings and neighborhood purges. (more…)

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With Fixtures of War as Their Canvas, Muralists Add Beauty to Baghdad
New York Times

BAGHDAD, Aug. 10 — Dead blocks, they call them, the most visible legacy of the latest war in a city with a long history of wars.

For four years these vast concrete slabs have slowly crept through Baghdad, snaking along road, river and sidewalk as they shut out light and encircled ministries, palaces and districts. (more…)

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