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by VOA News | June 2, 2011


MOGADISHU – New clashes in Somalia’s capital have killed at least 17 people, as pro-government troops continue to battle militants for control of a popular commercial site.


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NAIROBI, 31 May 2011 (IRIN) – Hundreds of children younger than five have been wounded in the latest round of fighting in Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital, accounting for almost half of all trauma cases in May, according to the UN World Health Organization (WHO).

In a press statement issued on 31 May, WHO said recent data showed that the main causes of death among under-fives were burns, chest injuries and internal haemorrhaging caused by blast injuries, shrapnel and bullets.

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VOA News | Michael Onyiego | May 24, 2011

As international troops close in on Mogadishu’s Bakara market, a stronghold of the militant group al-Shabab, an analyst from the International Crisis Group is warning that seizing the critical position could prove to be complicated and costly.

Much of the military campaign in Somalia’s war-torn capital, Mogadishu, has been a battle for Bakara market.  Sitting on top of a hill in the city’s main business district, Bakara is a nerve center for much of southern Somalia, and has served as a stronghold for the al-Qaida-linked insurgent group al-Shabab for the past half decade. (more…)

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Associated Press

20 May, 2011

MOGADISHU, Somalia –  Hassan Qasim lies shackled to a wall in a hallway with 25 other patients at a clinic for the mentally ill in Somalia.

The country has been mired in civil war for almost as long as he’s been alive. Doctors say the 25-year-old’s brother and sister both were killed in front of him. Soon after Qasim began wandering the streets naked.

The World Health Organization estimates that one in three Somalis have suffered from some kind of mental illness, a rate that is among the highest in the world.

Somalia is also among the worst places on earth to have a mental illness.

Resources are so limited that many are simply chained up without medication. The country has just three psychiatrists at its main mental health facilities nationwide.

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Afrique en lingue

19 May, 2011

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The African Union (AU) has called for urgent African support for Somalia to enable it deal with a drought, worsened by huge displacement of populations due to the ongoing military operations in the country. An ongoing military offensive in Somalia, coupled with the worst drought in decades has displaced 2.4 million people in the Horn of African nation amid an escalating drop in funding the country’s relief operations. (more…)

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18 May, 2011

MOGADISHU — Shells fired in battles between insurgent militant Islamists and African Union forces at a Mogadishu market on Wednesday left at least 14 civilian dead, witnesses said.

“Nine victims died in two separate areas inside Bakara market, most of them women,” witness Idriss Ali told AFP. (more…)

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Mareeg Online

18 May, 2011

MOGADISHU (Mareeg) – Clashes erupted between Somali forces backed by AMSIOM and Al shabaab fighters inMogadishuon Wednesday killing at least 15 people and hurting 80 others. (more…)

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