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UN advises ending of refugee status for Sierra Leoneans who fled country

UN News Centre

6 June 2008 – The United Nations refugee agency says it is recommending that refugee status for Sierra Leoneans who fled their country should be ended because the root causes of the West African nation’s refugee problem have ceased to exist. (more…)

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S Leone rape victims ‘not helped’
Will Ross
BBC News

Amnesty International has called on the government of Sierra Leone to do more for the victims of sexual abuse from the country’s decade-long civil war. During that war human rights abuses were carried out on the population and rape was used as a weapon. (more…)

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A Place Where Troops Can Start Withdrawing
By Patrick J. Lyons
New York Times

The story starts with a very familiar ring to it: An international coalition sends troops to a pariah country in 2003 to help dispose of a corrupt, belligerent regime, tame the resulting chaos, and midwife a peaceful and reasonably democratic new government to take its place. (more…)

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