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June 27, 2010
Source: Japan Times

On June 16, the last day of the Diet session, the Diet in a suprapartisan vote managed to enact a bill to give a one-shot allowance to Japanese who were interned in Siberia, Mongolia and Central Asia and used for forced labor after World War II. (more…)

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By The United Nations Department of Public Information

Representatives of four non-governmental organizations today called on the United Nations to speak out on the situation in northern Sri Lanka and urged the Security Council to take up the matter under the concept of “responsibility to protect”.

Speaking at a Headquarters press conference where they discussed the situation in and around the “no-fire zone” in northern Sri Lanka -– where Government forces are poised to overrun positions held by rebel fighters of the Liberation of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) -– were Joseph Cornelius Donnelly of Caritas Internationalis; Anna Neistat of Human Rights Watch; Robert Templer of the International Crisis Group; and Nimmi Gowrinathan of Operation USA. James Traub of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect was available to answer questions. The press conference was sponsored by the Permanent Mission of Denmark to the United Nations.


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4 U.S. Marines face courts-martial

TOKYO, Japan (CNN) — The U.S. military plans to court-martial four Marines accused of raping a 19-year-old Japanese woman in Hiroshima last year, a military spokesman said on Thursday. (more…)

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