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By Reuters News

* Aid work more dangerous than U.N. peacekeeping

* Locals most at risk

* Somalia, Afghanistan and Sudan drive rising trend

Soaring violence in Somalia and Afghanistan helped make 2008 the most dangerous year on record for aid workers, with 122 killed while carrying out their work, a report showed on Monday.

Aid work is now more risky than U.N. peacekeeping as attacks become increasingly politically motivated in some countries, researchers said.


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CAR refugees not ready to return home
IRIN Africa

GORÉ, 15 February 2008 (IRIN) – Around 6,000 refugees from Central African Republic have arrived in the Goré region of Southern Chad over the last two months. Some of them say categorically that they will never go home, and that if insecurity spreads to the south of Chad, they will then go elsewhere.

The Dosseye camp, one of the three refugee camps set up by the UN refugee agency (UNHCR), not far from Goré, is where new arrivals are sent to. The growing number of new tents here, set up between basic huts constructed by less recent refugees, shows the influx of new arrivals fleeing from child kidnappings for ransom, pillaging and violence. (more…)

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Chad clashes ‘killed 100’ people

At least 100 civilians were killed in last weekend’s fighting between rebels and government forces in Chad, according to aid agencies. (more…)

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Nomads Describe Persecution in Chad
Thousands of Arab Herders Flee to Sudan’s Darfur Region Despite Fear of Backlash
By Stephanie McCrummen
Washington Post Foreign Service

NEAR ABECHE, Chad — The Chadian government and its allied militias are indiscriminately targeting Arab nomads in eastern Chad, according to interviews with dozens of nomads, who described raids on their temporary villages, at least two aerial bombings, harassment and incidents of torture over the past year. (more…)

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