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By Damien McElroy

March 30, 2011

If confirmed, the deaths would be the first civilian deaths attributable to the air campaign since it was launched on March 18. However it was impossible yesterday to verify the claims of Libyan officials.

Intriguingly, a North Korean doctor lost his foot and his wife was injured when a second unguided rocket blasted through a housing bloc. North Korea earns money from sending its medics to friendly regimes. Western intelligence organisations have reported that the exchanges have served as a front for military dealings. (more…)

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SAF Joint Command – Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan (March 30, 2011) – A joint Afghan and International Security Assistance Force incident assessment team has completed their review of an operation on March 26 in Helmand province.

The operation targeted a known Taliban commander and associates who were believed to be traveling in two vehicles in Now Zad district based on video surveillance. A Taliban sub commander and two associates were killed in the operation although the targeted individual was not in either vehicle. Four civilians travelling in the secondary vehicle were killed and three others injured as a result of the blast. (more…)

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By: Souhail Karam and Adam Tanner

March 28, 2011

RABAT, March 28 (Reuters) – Western forces bombed the southern Libyan city of Sabha at dawn on Monday, leading to several casualties, the Libyan state news agency Jana reported.

“The crusader and colonial bombing targeted inhabited areas in the city of Sabha at dawn on Monday, causing the destruction of several houses,” the agency reported. “Ambulances and firefighter teams rushed to those areas.”

“Sources at the Health Ministry in Sabha spoke of several casualties among civilians in those areas.”

Source: http://af.reuters.com/article/commoditiesNews/idAFLDE72R0MZ20110328

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18-01-2011 Operational Update No 01/11

Landmines, unexploded ordnance and other lethal debris of war are still a serious threat in Iraq. They add to the many hardships that Iraqi civilians must deal with as a consequence of decades of armed conflict. The ICRC recently stepped up its efforts to help the civilian population get back on their feet by launching an initiative to reduce the impact of weapon contamination. (more…)

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Roadside bombs kill at least 17 civilians

Published: Jan. 17, 2011 at 10:37 PM

BAGHLAN, Afghanistan, Jan. 17 (UPI) — The number of civilians killed in Afghanistan by roadside and other crude homemade bombs planted by insurgents is rising, experts say. (more…)

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